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Decals for the Little Tikes Cozy Coupes.

So now here’s my atempt at this blogging thing…

Arg… spelling is not my strong suit, so please bear with me. I love to fix up older good quality toys, and I have designed lots of replacement decals for them. I use the best quality waterproof decals, possible, they are 100% waterproof, and quite UV resistant. I find it very sad when a large plastic toy is thrown out into our landfills, when all they need is a little TLC. Usually they only need new stickers. Why not make new stickers for them?  If you are looking for a particular one, send me an email. I just might have it, or I can custom design it for you.

I also have some great ideas on how to make these toys look new again, and I will be adding to this blog as often as possible.

Why fix an older toy?

As a mother, I find that older toys last longer, and inspire my children’s imagination so much better then most of the newer toys out there today. We currently live in the age of planned obsolescence, where products are designed to fail after a certain period of time, it increases profits, but it is important to think about the legacy, that practice, leaves behind in our landfills. This is my way to help deal with that problem. Let’s fix up and restore these old toys, and make them new again for a future generation. And let’s support companies that produce quality products, like Little Tikes. If we, the consumer, demand quality, long lasting toys, we will once again get it.