Helpful Hints to Applying My Decals

Helpful Hints to Applying My Decals

I just wanted to add some helpful hints to applying my decals. Make sure you are applying unto a clean dry surface.  You can clean off any old glue residue with rubbing alcohol , just make sure the rubbing alcohol is washed off before applying the new decals, as it will weaken the adhesive. Also make sure the surface is dry, as these are pressure sensitive and the water would interfere with the adhesion.


Brand new cars have a wax coating to make them look shiny and new, but it also makes it difficult for the decals to adhere to the surface. My decals are extremely sticky, and should adhere properly.  But you can use really warm soapy water to wash off the wax. Just make sure the soap is thoroughly washed off and the surface is dry before applying the decals.


The longer you leave the decals on, the stronger the hold will be. I have a child who likes to take decals off, so I hide the toy for a week, until I give it to her. That way  it is much more difficult for them to remove the decals.


If the surface you are placing the decal on is textured, or heavily scratched, making it difficult to stick to the surface. You can first try to rub the decal unto the groves. If that still doesn’t work, you can sand the surface with sandpaper until smooth. I only recommend this for toys that are already heavily scratched.  Just be sure to clean off the surface before applying your decal.  If you have any difficulties, please contact me I am happy to help.


If you have decals that have a transfer tape on top, a clear textured sheet of tape on top of the actual decal, just peel off both the transfer tape, and the decal, position and apply your decals to the desired place, and press down firmly from the center out, trying not to capture any air bubbles. Continue to press down firmly until it is well secured to the surface, then peel away the clear top transfer tape layer.


If you are happy with my service, please leave me feedback. If you are not happy in anyway, please contact me. I want all my customers to be happy, and I am willing to work with you to make that happen.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, I am happy to answer. You can also check out my blog at, to get some ideas on how to fix up your old toys. I am on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter, and I would love to see your finished project.


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