Reinventit Reinvent It to Keep it out of the Landfill

Reinventit Reinvent It to keep it out of the landfill

Reinventit Reinvent It to keep it out of the landfill. I don’t bother painting my kids toys anymore… Honestly, I am too busy for that. But I interchange the parts, or I just use the colors that are with it…..

I like to design things around what is given to me. So my son LOVES Scooby, and we have an older blue Little Tikes Cozy Coupe II Patrol Car, and I just made him some stickers. No paint involved. He’s happy, and I can use it for a Police car again in the future.

Even some of the more popular mods, you could just buy two cars, and swap out the parts to get different color schemes.


For example the Little Tikes 30th Anniversary police car, with the red 30th Anniversary Cozy Coupe. Then you would have two yellow columns, yellow roof, grey columns, and a white roof, and a red body, and a black body. So you would have yellow and black for one car, and red, grey and white for the other….┬á Minnie mouse? Batman? Princess? VW? The possibilites are endless… And they would be brand new. You could resell them, without wasting anything. Or mixing these parts with older coupes, and making them new again… #outofthelandfill.

#reinvent I like that… I want my customers to be able to sell their toys again after their kids are done with them. I want families, to pass these toys on to the next generation. I am tired of wasting, I am tired off seeing things thrown away, because we had too much.

I will try to add posts, where I change around my kids toys, without painting. I got a lot of them…..

4 thoughts on “Reinventit Reinvent It to Keep it out of the Landfill”

  1. I am looking for decals for the little tikes football toybox, you are currently out of stock, will you be making more soon. My son is expecting his first child and I would love to redo his football toybox for him.

    • Yes, I restocked it, but I am on holidays at the moment, my store will reopen on July 7th, 2017. Melissa ­čÖé

  2. Hello,

    I have a vintage Coupe but I am not sure which decal set will fit my model. Mine looks like the 80/90s with the thin tube polls. On your Etsy Shop you have the options ‘Vintage 80s’ or ’90s no eyes’. Mine has no eyes and could be from the 90s. But it could also be as vintage as the 80s. What differences are there between the ‘vintage 80s’ and the ’90s with no eyes’ decals that you have listed?



    • Hello Kasey,
      I used to call the Cozy Coupe II, the 90s Cozy coupe no eyes, as I didn’t have a name for it. The two models that are older, and don’t have eyes, are either the vintage, with thin tube front columns, or the Cozy CoupeII, (90s no eyes) and it has thick front columns, and the headlights are a large decal, that fits into the front recess. If you are still unable to identify your model, you can send me a picture to

      Melissa ­čÖé

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