Little Tikes Grand Cozy Coupe

Little Tikes Grand Cozy Coupe

Little Tikes Grand Cozy Coupe
Little Tikes Grand Cozy Coupe


Little Tikes Grand Cozy Coupe, is really well designed. Because it has a pink trunk, and side opening door, kids really get into playing with this car. It is also smooth handling.  It seems like to the newest model of the Little Tikes Sport Coupe.

  • Color scheme is yellow, teal and fuschia
  • Well designed
  • Long lasting
  • Wheels are much narrower then the vintage cozy coupe, the Cozy Coupe II, and the 30th Anniversary coupes.
  • Made in the 90s
  • Has a truck
  • Side door opens.
  • Roof, the rear and front columns is all one large piece.
  • I have replacement decals for this car on this site, Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy.
  • I can easily create themes for this model. If you see a theme for another model you like, just send me an email to redesign it for this model.

Because this is one of the lesser known models, I think they only made them for a short period of time. It seems to have a lot of really good features. The trunk is a hours of fun for the little ones, and the roof can really hold up well to kids who play hard with them. This model is personally one of my favorites. If you are lucky enough to find one.

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  1. We just picked up one at a yard sale for $10! So excited to fix it up. It looks pretty good. It just needs a new gas cap and a good cleaning.

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